January 22, 2024

The Benefits of Magnesium Glycinate

magnesium glycinate

Magnesium is an essential macromineral for several body processes, including muscle function and nerve health. Additionally, magnesium plays an essential role in blood pressure regulation and bone development/maintenance. Magnesium can be found naturally in foods like green leafy vegetables, nuts/seeds and legumes; however, some individuals may require supplements in order to meet daily requirements.

One of the most widely consumed forms of magnesium supplementation is magnesium glycinate, formed from combining it with the amino acid glycine. This form tends to be highly absorbable and less likely to cause side effects like stomach upset or diarrhea than other forms of magnesium like magnesium citrate which have laxative effects.

Magnesium combined with glycine is well known to possess soothing properties, making this form of the mineral an effective aid for sleeping support. Studies have demonstrated its efficacy against leg cramps, muscle spasms, anxiety and improve sleep quality - as well as helping combat symptoms associated with insomnia such as fatigue, poor concentration and memory issues.

Magnesium may help reduce migraine headaches by inhibiting serotonin production - an essential feel-good chemical associated with migraine attacks - however more research must be completed in this field.

Magnesium is generally safe for most adults; however, if you have an existing medical condition it's advisable to speak to your physician prior to beginning taking magnesium. High doses may cause digestive issues in those with damaged kidneys; thus it's wiser to follow the recommended dose.

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