February 11, 2024

The Best Wheated Bourbons

As Pappy Van Winkle has gained more attention within the whiskey world, its ripples have trickled down to other products on the market. That is great news for anyone interested in exploring more broadly what this category has to offer and allows newcomers to find something suitable to their budget; wheated bourbons often tend to be less costly than their Pappy counterparts; but don't be fooled - all these bourbons deserve a place on your shelf!

Produced at a small Texas distillery using a blend of red winter wheat and two-row barley, this small batch whiskey is aged in charred oak barrels from Kentucky for maximum flavor from its wood. According to independent drinks consultant Scott Wenger, this is one of his favorite wheated bourbons, as it makes an excellent cocktail ingredient.

McKenzie's 2016 Bottled-in-Bond Release stands out as another fantastic bargain whiskey. As with other such bourbons, this particular one must be produced by one distiller during one season and meet certain age and proof requirements before being sold at its original government-regulated price.

Heaven Hill Distillery produces this wheated bourbon every spring and fall with different age statements, and it makes an excellent pick from their collection. Boasting an overwhelming presence of wheat in its mash bill, its flavors include soft cereal, caramel candy and vanilla to give this bottle its distinct character - making sure any collector takes pride in owning their very own bottle!

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