January 22, 2024

The Cast of Encanto

Encanto, Disney's latest animated movie, boasts an incredible cast. It follows The Madrigals who reside in a cozy mountain village and are endowed with special abilities from an enchanted candle - with Mirabel as her lead character, left alone when all her relatives begin losing their powers.

Stephanie Beatriz leads an exceptional voice cast in this movie as Mirabel, best known for her role as Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine; but also works on television shows such as In the Heights and BoJack Horseman.

She excels at portraying her character's sweetness and sense of pride with her vocal talents, while also adeptly conveying anger or frustration when necessary.

Wilmer Valderrama voices Agustin Madrigal, Mirabel's father. His familiar face can be found on shows such as That '70s Show or more recently Marvel's Runaways; in addition to appearing on both shows for over two decades and appearing in movies such as Fast Food Nation and Onward.

Mauro Castillo, who plays Felix Madrigal in Peppa Pig: The TV Series, has extensive experience acting in Colombian telenovelas such as Paro de Mi Corazon and El Joe: The Legend. Additionally he provides voice work for Latin music group Grupo Niche as well as other projects. Mauro is adept at keeping Pepa grounded while keeping their sense of humor alive through voice over.

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