January 22, 2024

The Gayatri Mantra

gayatri mantra

Chanting of the Gayatri Mantra is said to provide spiritual protection and purify those who sing it. By accepting that our actions are not solely determined by us, but are rather guided by something greater than us, chanting allows us to develop compassion and truthfulness when interacting with others since God views all people equally.

Gayatri is revered as the Mother of all four Vedas - Rig, Yajur, Samveda and Atharva - and represents Upanishadic wisdom of illumination. Her power lies in protection and knowledge provision; depictions depict her with five heads and ten arms sitting upon a swan are common.

Chanting of the Shukra Gayatri Mantra will enable you to develop artistic abilities and attract others to you, enjoy a prosperous family life, eliminate financial troubles and remove problems related to fertility; plus it will keep away mental illness or ailments. Chanting this mantra also pleases planet Venus who will bless you with wealth, health and luck as well as help overcome kidneys or skin conditions issues.

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