February 11, 2024

The Pioneer Woman Dishes You'll Want to Buy

Food blogger The Pioneer Woman has become known for her family-friendly recipes like broccoli-cheese orzotto and chicken nuggets that will leave people's stomachs satisfied. But sometimes when food needs to sit longer for filming purposes, its fate falls upon the Drummond dogs instead (we've all been there). So make sure your meals look as delectable as they taste by shopping the Pioneer Woman's kitchen and dishware collection for pretty weekday plates and bowls from Fiesta patterns or your existing china set.

This vintage-inspired set of jade-colored glass dishes features embossed flowers and scalloped edges for an eye-catching vintage aesthetic. Included is a dinner plate, dessert plate and small bowl suitable for cereal or ice cream consumption.

No one can resist the eye-catching floral patterns found on this dinnerware from a prominent food blogger! Not only is the ceramic construction microwave- and dishwasher-safe, but there are three plates in this set - dinner plate, salad plate and dessert plate that you can mix and match with other floral-patterned pieces from their collection.

Make an impressionful presentation when serving The Pioneer Woman's Beef Stew Recipe or her Easy Mashed Potatoes using this decorative bowl from Pioneer Woman. Featuring its convenient double-handle design and colorful florals for an added splash of color!

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