February 18, 2024

The Pioneer Woman Ice Cream Maker

pioneer woman ice cream maker

Pioneer Woman knows her stuff when it comes to ice cream: she's an NY Times best-selling author, TV star, social media influencer and cookbook writer who has dedicated her life to perfecting the art of scooping. While she makes much of her ice cream from scratch herself, she also uses store-bought flavors in innovative treats like over-the-top sundaes, cakes and pies as well as copycat recipes of popular ice cream truck dishes.

PW superstar Paula Wager recently shared an easy and delicious "Minute Fruity Ice Cream" recipe on her show that's both nutritious-ish and quick to prepare - no churning required or hours spent freezing!

She created another quick treat using frozen fruit: This quick ice cream doesn't require any churning - simply place a handful of your favourite frozen fruits into a food processor and pulse them until the pieces break up into chunks.

Those drawn to The Pioneer Woman will love her rustic country style and this ice cream maker available at Walmart for less than $30 will find this appliance useful. Capable of producing up to four quarts of ice cream, sherbet, gelato or custard simultaneously and featuring real wood slats in its bucket and its signature Sweet Rose pattern lid make this product hard to pass up!

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