March 24, 2024

The Pioneer Woman Salsa Cookbook Review

Ree Drummond of Food Network show The Pioneer Woman is well known for creating amazing salsa. Her series of cookbooks offers easy-to-follow recipes with gorgeous photos - which makes me very curious as an experienced cookbook editor across print and digital publishing, I always want to know whether her books meet her high standards set on The Pioneer Woman show (*hazily wipes cookie dough off keyboard*).

These delicious recipes, from sweet pineapple salsa to hearty roasted corn and black bean salsa, will satisfy even your pickiest eaters in no time! Plus, if meal prepping for the week ahead is your goal, these dishes can easily be canned up and stored away in your pantry!

Roasted tomatoes and peppers add an irresistibly tart tangy taste to this recipe, and if you like things spicy you could leave the seeds and membranes of jalapenos to increase its heat level even further.

This salsa is the ideal complement to a large bowl of tortilla chips and will add zest and flair to your next taco bar!

Cumin and cilantro make this fresh and bright salsa recipe sure to please. Even those of us who may dislike cilantro will surely love its delicious addition.

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