January 22, 2024

The Stages of Spiritual Awakening

stages of spiritual awakening

At this point, you are beginning to take your spiritual journey seriously and start seeing life differently. No longer content with dabbling in feel-good spiritual philosophies, you are eager to know what's real and who you really are; thus beginning an exploration into meditation, mindfulness, self-inquiry, karma yoga and nonduality among other transpersonal practices.

Now you are able to differentiate between the drama of your ego and subtleties in your soul, and making conscious decisions to prioritize subtlety over drama - though this process may lead you through many ups and downs!

As you slowly remove patterns, beliefs, habits and people that no longer serve you, more space opens up for what does. You may begin experimenting with things such as astrology, healing modalities and new hobbies you hadn't considered previously; often known as the sponge phase - as you absorb everything and anything that helps shift into your true nature and express it according to your spiritual path. This process could take days, months or even years depending on its intensity; mediation therapy coaching are other holistic modalities you could turn to for wisdom and guidance as well.

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