January 22, 2024

Twin Flame Signs

twin flame signs

Even as we can identify the signs of our twin flame, it's essential to keep this journey personal. Twin flames differ greatly from traditional romantic partners in that they represent part of one's soul; when feeling connected they evoke special and sometimes mysterious feelings in each other. There may even be instances in which you fall in love with someone who doesn't meet all of these qualifications - that's OK too; false twin flames often appear similar and may leave lasting impressions, yet are not as emotionally connected than the genuine article.

Your true twin flame should feel like an instant friend from the moment you meet them, picking up on your thoughts, emotions, and energy immediately and reflecting them back through their own feelings. Their eyes are the window into their soul; you can tell they understand all aspects of you being. Additionally, they share values and commitments which mirror those held dear by both parties, protecting each other as much as they possibly can.

Twin flame relationships tend to form quickly and be very serious about them from the get-go, although flirtation may still occur at times. They tend to either dive right in or run away - either all or nothing at all; unconditional love being the hallmark of any successful twin flame relationship. An indicator that two twin flames might be together is when one begins distancing themselves while their counterpart chases after them, often with painful results but all part of life and growth for both parties involved.

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