May 2, 2023

Vaginal Hematoma: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options

Vaginal Hematoma: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

Symptoms of Vaginal Hematoma

Vaginal hematoma is often accompanied by various symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Pain in the vaginal area
  • Swelling or bulge in the vaginal area
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Discomfort during sex
  • Bleeding or spotting from the vagina

Causes of Vaginal Hematoma

Vaginal hematoma is a common condition caused by vigorous sexual activity, delivery of a baby, or any surgical procedure in the vaginal area. It occurs when there is a rupture in the blood vessels present in the vaginal walls leading to the collection of blood between the tissues of the vagina.

Treatment Options for Vaginal Hematoma

The treatment options for vaginal hematoma depend on the severity of the condition. Below are some of the common treatment options:

  • Pain Relief: Pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with the condition.
  • Heat Pad: Applying a warm heat pad to the affected area can help reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Surgery: In severe cases, doctors may perform surgery to drain the collected blood from the vaginal area.


Q1. Can vaginal hematoma affect fertility?

A. No, vaginal hematoma does not affect fertility. It is a treatable condition that does not affect the reproductive organs.

Q2. Can sexual activity cause vaginal hematomas?

A. Yes, vigorous sexual activity can cause vaginal hematomas.

Q3. What is the recovery time for vaginal hematoma?

A. The recovery time for vaginal hematoma varies depending on the severity of the condition. Mild cases may heal within a few weeks, while severe cases may take several months to heal completely.

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