February 7, 2024

What Does Each Month's Flower Mean?

Similar to how people's birthstone is represented by flowers for each month of the year, making birthday celebrations extra-special and showing someone how much you care. But did you know that each flower also has a specific meaning?

January's birth flowers are carnations and snowdrops. Their meaning can differ depending on their hue; pink carnations signifying pure love while white ones signifying regretful love not reciprocated; snowdrops symbolise hope and beauty. February birth flowers include violet and primrose. While roses have become associated with Valentine's Day due to Valentine's Day sales, violet is actually more traditionally chosen since it symbolizes modesty and faithfulness while primroses represent young love.

March birthdays celebrate with flowers! Daffodils and jonquils represent new beginnings, hope and friendship while daffodils come in many colors; while jonquils generally feature yellow, orange and white hues.

April is all about daisies and sweet peas, symbolic of innocence and happiness, making them perfect flowers to add to bouquets for birthday celebrations in April. While May's birth flowers, Lily of the Valley and hawthorn may not be as popular, but can still add beautiful arrangements that symbolize humility and return happiness. November features bold chrysanthemums more commonly referred to as mums that symbolise loyalty and honesty.

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