February 11, 2024

What Does the Song Mary on a Cross Mean?

Ghost has quickly gained recognition among heavy rock fans as a Swedish group with their haunting presence and powerful vocals, garnering them an enormous following eager to experience their cryptic lyrics come alive on stage. And although Ghost offers many songs that explore religion such as Mary on a Cross, one song in particular stands out.

Released in 2019, this song from Ghost has exploded onto TikTok as an integral soundtrack for fans' videos. Boasting a slower-down version of their iconic original track, this anthem has quickly become a must-listen track in every Ghost fan's music library - thanks in no small part to TikToker @darkcodedarti's use in an extraordinary montage of Stranger Things scenes that went viral on TikTok!

The chorus is where the religious undercurrent of this song really stands out, as its lyrics compare the female partner to Holy Mary - mother of Jesus traditionally depicted on a cross - who gave birth. Lyrics like: "You Go Down Just Like Holy Mary/ She Gave Birth Just as She Did Herself" may evoke sexual imagery but should not overpower other aspects of the song.

Instead, this song is about liberating yourself from an ordinary and restrained lifestyle. Additionally, its lyrics recall both Repugnant's 60s era and drug and alcohol consumption.

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