January 22, 2024

What is a Life Transformation?

Life transformation is the conscious choice to change beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you, using inspiration, self-discipline, confidence and forgiveness to break free from old ways that no longer serve. A life transformation also involves changing how you think and act so you're more able to listen to what your soulful whispers rather than react from fear.

First and foremost, becoming aware of a problem requires being made aware. This could involve something as dramatic as experiencing near death or experiencing family intervention; or it could come through epiphanies, awakenings, or revelations from your journal - whatever works. Whatever works is important as long as that moment serves as a personal awakening that sparks your commitment for change.

Once you recognize the issue, the next step should be preparation. At this stage, you must devise a plan to implement the changes you would like to see in your life and ensure your goals can be measured successfully as well as how to maintain new habits over time. It is important to realize that this phase may feel uncomfortable at times and it is likely you may experience relapses, so remembering this when planning may help avoid future disappointment.

As you work your way through the planning and action phases, you'll start to see results. At this point, you may discover yourself changing significantly as well as how others view you - this may be daunting but necessary to living the life you envision for yourself.

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