January 22, 2024

What is Tantra Yoga and Why is it Misunderstood?

Yoga has long been known for its therapeutic benefits on body and mind. Yet when looking deeper, tantric yoga - with its emphasis on spiritual liberation - has long been misunderstood and misused for centuries.

Tantra, an ancient Indian spiritual system, means to weave or expand. Tantra was an early attempt at merging spiritual and material aspects - something quite radical at that time! Tantra includes various techniques for awakening, activating and channeling Kundalini energy up through your nadis and chakras for eventual enlightenment or samadhi.

Tantric philosophy views humans as embodiments of divinity and all living things as connected. The Universe can be seen as an evolutionary process from supreme consciousness (Supreme Consciousness) to crude material (inert matter). Sexual relationships often have two individuals engage in opposing interactions that symbolize Shiva and Shakti - masculine and feminine archetypes which represent night and day and life and death respectively.

Tantra yoga has unfortunately become associated with sexual sex in the West, which is an inaccurate perception of ancient spiritual traditions. But tantric yoga should never be confused with sexual pleasure or ecstatic experiences; rather it involves accepting your body as the temple for spirit while working to balance all three doshas so you feel more grounded, happy and empowered.

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