March 30, 2024

When Does Virgin River Start on Netflix?

Virgin River, an intimate romantic drama inspired by Robyn Carr's novel series, has quickly become one of the streaming platform's most watched original series. Starring Alexandra Breckenridge as nurse Mel and Martin Henderson as bar owner Jack.

Season 4 saw Charmaine and Jack establish an authentic, real-life connection while dealing with small town life's many challenges. Despite these hurdles, their relationship was successful enough for Charmaine to become pregnant with his twins despite Jack's objections. At the season's conclusion, we found out she wasn't actually Jack's child after all!

With Mel preparing to become a parent, Jack still haunted by past relationships, and an enormous wildfire threatening the town, there should be plenty to look forward to in season six of Mad Men. Production for a sixth season has already started!

Sue Tenney and Patrick Sean Smith will return as writers and showrunners, joining an array of cast members in new episodes.

The show is shot across British Columbia, including Snug Cove on Bowen Island and Agassiz-Harrison, though its first season also saw footage shot in Vancouver and Burnaby. Furthermore, notable actors and musicians make guest appearances.

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