February 11, 2024

When Is Wednesday Addams Birthday?

Wednesday Addams is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams and sister to Pugsley and Pubert. As their eldest child, Wednesday has an intensely dark personality with a penchant for death and conducting odd scientific experiments (usually tied up or torturing her siblings) on them. Her long black braids resemble the shape of ravens while she wears her signature collar similar to Goody Addams from whom she takes her name. Wednesday holds an intense dislike of Pugsley whom she delights in torturing him; in turn she also possess the power of shocking anyone she comes into contact with!

She has often been depicted as being somewhat sociopathic; however, in later films and television series her behavior becomes less malevolent. Lurch shares with her her interest in darkness and torture; their favorite pastime is raising spiders for fun or researching the Bermuda Triangle.

The 2022 Netflix series reveals that Wednesday was named after a nursery rhyme that translated to: "Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe." This may be because she has an antagonistic, coldhearted nature with strong feelings towards her brother.

No matter whether it's for Wednesday's birthday or just as an October surprise present, here are a few ideas for creating a gothic environment: hang cobwebs around the room, light lots of candles in dark colors, play haunting music in the background and decorate with giant skulls or Dracula masks to further set the atmosphere.

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