February 11, 2024

Where Do I Take My Scrap Electric Motors to Be Recycled Safely?

At the end of their lives, items like fans, ceiling fans, power tools and electric motors are typically sold for scrap metal recycling. Copper motors are fully recyclable; rather than ending up in landfill they can be repurposed into new products instead.

Copper motors vary significantly in value depending on their materials and overall weight, with copper wires often commanding the highest prices at recycling centers; their separation can save recyclers significant sums; while steel components also carry significant worth; using a certified e-scrap recycler ensures these materials are separated properly and can be sold off instead of creating waste disposal issues.

Before commencing disassembly, ensure the electric motor is unplugged from its source of electricity and not receiving any voltage from it. Wear protective clothing and work in a well-ventilated area in order to reduce risk of injury or illness. Finally, ensure you have all necessary tools and equipment required for disassembly, such as high quality screwdrivers, pliers and containers or bins to store various components for disassembling purposes.

Interco is a reputable metals recycling company that pays the best prices for electrical scrap, purchasing entire units, peripherals, batteries and boards and precious metals from across North America at reasonable rates.

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