October 25, 2023

Write For Us Weight Loss

At Bloomsies, we are always excited to hear from those passionate about health, wellness, and personal transformation. Our "Write For Us: Weight Loss" initiative offers a platform for experts, enthusiasts, and those with transformative stories to share their insights and experiences with our vibrant community. Our readers are always eager to learn about the latest trends, research, and personal stories related to weight loss and overall health improvement.

Why Write For Bloomsies?

  • Reach a Global Audience: Bloomsies has a rapidly growing readership, passionate about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and now, weight loss. Your work will be showcased to thousands of readers from around the world.
  • Build Your Portfolio: As an emerging platform for fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and health, Bloomsies offers a credible space to feature your work and establish your name in the industry.
  • Engage with a Community: Engage directly with readers through the comments section and become a part of our thriving online community.

What We're Looking For:

  • Informative Articles: Whether it's the latest research on weight loss, new diet trends, or breakthroughs in health and nutrition, we want content that educates and informs.
  • Personal Stories: Have you undergone a transformative weight loss journey? Share your story, inspire others, and let them know the strategies that worked for you.
  • Workout and Diet Plans: Detailed guides, how-tos, and plans that our readers can follow to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.
  • Product Reviews: Honest reviews of weight loss products, supplements, and fitness equipment.


  1. Originality: All content must be original and not previously published elsewhere. We value authenticity and creativity.
  2. Length: Articles should be between 800 and 1500 words.
  3. Formatting: Use headers, bullet points, and short paragraphs to make your content easy to read. Include relevant images (make sure you have the rights to use them).
  4. References: Always cite your sources. This ensures that the information provided is credible and can be trusted by our readers.
  5. No Promotional Content: While we appreciate contributions, we do not accept overtly promotional content. The main aim should be to provide value to our readers.

How To Submit:

  • For submissions or inquiries, please email us at hello@bloomsies.com or fill out this contact form:
  • Include "Weight Loss Submission" in the subject line.
  • Attach your article in a Word or Google Docs format.
  • Please also include a short bio and a link to your social media profiles or personal website.


At Bloomsies, we believe in the power of shared knowledge. By contributing to our "Write For Us: Weight Loss" segment, you have the opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of our readers, helping them embark on healthier and happier journeys.

Looking forward to your insightful contributions!

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