January 22, 2024

Yoga and Its Yogic Meaning

yogic meaning

Yoga defines life as an unending stream of stimuli which can be channeled toward harmony through practice of Yoga; one of the most beloved spiritual disciplines today.

Yogis are dedicated practitioners of yoga's philosophical system and its various practices, known as its Yoga Sutra. While there may be multiple paths leading to yoga practice, it all starts with soothing the fluctuations of mind using physical postures, breath control techniques, meditation practices and mantras.

Yoga derives its name from the Sanskrit root "yuj," which translates as "to unite or join together." According to its proponents, connecting to its principles allows individuals to shed themselves of negative emotions like greed, anger and jealousy.

Yoga teachings hold that people's physical, emotional and mental states are affected by energy centers known as chakras; these centers can be affected by factors like their karma, desires, fears and level of confidence. Yogic practices like asanas and pranayama can help balance chakras so individuals can better handle challenges life throws their way.

Yogis seek to unite their lives with that of the universe and all its aspects through yoga. Raja yoga provides one such practice; adhering to its rules may involve practices like devotion, knowledge and service - these steps may all fall under this practice's purview.

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