January 22, 2024

Aura Color Meaning - Learn What Your Aura Color Means

aura color meaning

Colors in an aura are said to represent different aspects of a person's personality and spiritual energy. Some of the more prevalent hues include white, brown and grey; others such as yellow and pink may not be found as frequently in human auras.

People who possess a yellow aura tend to be energetic, playful and social. These individuals typically manage their work and home life well while remaining creative problem solvers who remain naturally optimistic and love laughing.

Merrick states that individuals with green auras represent balance and harmony. According to him, these people often possess maternal energy that allows them to nurture others, according to Merrick. They're also adept at managing their emotions so as not to become easily upset over anger or sadness.

Indigo auras are a sign of spiritual wisdom and psychic abilities, symbolizing peacemaking abilities as well as psychic awareness to detect deceptions. Their intuitive sense is strong, creating strong ties to the universe - known for healing natural diseases as well. If your aura appears murky or dark it indicates difficulties that require reconnecting to intuition.

Purple auras are linked with the crown chakra, planet Neptune and Water element. Individuals possessing such auras are highly intuitive and may exhibit psychic abilities. People with these auras possess the ability to see beyond material constraints and have a clear sense of purpose in life.

Magenta auras are unique because they combine elements from both red and blue hues. People with this aura color possess strong physical foundations (similar to red-dominant people) but also can think more abstractly and intuitively ( like blue-dominant people). Nonconformists who remain true to themselves and their values no matter what is put before them are often those with this aura color.

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