February 11, 2024

Best Trader Joe's Wine

Trader Joe's used to be known for "Two Buck Chuck," but things have since changed as more people realize the wine selection at this beloved grocery store is quite extensive. So for those on the search for a bottle to pair with cheese plates or burgers (or simply sip on alone!), we enlisted wine-bloggers and sommeliers' opinions as expert guides on their picks for best trader joes wines.

As a result, we curated a list of bottles that even your vino-averse friends will enjoy. With everything from fruity reds to refreshing whites - these are some of Trader Joe's best wines to complement any meal!

1. Trader Joe's Garnacha

For an economical yet delicious red wine that can easily fit into any dining experience, look no further than Spain's Garnacha from Trader Joe's. It features the ideal balance between fruity and smoky notes with an irresistibly zesty character to perfectly round off your next dinner party experience.

2. Trader Joe's Maison Barboulot Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah

This full-bodied red is both flavorful and affordable; according to reviews by its users it improves with time (or decanting as suggested by one Trader Joe's employee)! Pairing perfectly with everything from hearty cheese dishes like this delicious roasted pepper pizza.

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