January 22, 2024

Bija Mantras For Balanced Chakras

bija mantras

Chanting is an essential component of many yoga practices, particularly japa (repetitive mantra chanting). Chanting can help calm and center the mind as well as deepen meditative aspects of physical yoga practices. Mantras provide powerful sound vibrations into our bodies, hearts, and spirits which help balance chakras.

Bija mantras (or seed mantras) are single syllable mantras that can be combined with other syllables to form different mantras and their associated energies. For instance, the combination of rim, hem, and namaha forms hum, associated with sun and earth elements; mercury (which governs speech and creative processes) as well as moon (which regulates creativity). Furthermore, these can also be used to invoke Goddess Saraswati, the god of knowledge.

Each bija mantra corresponds to one of the five elements and seven chakras in our bodies, which can be visualized as spinning wheels that both receive and radiate energy. Chanting these bija mantras regularly can help balance both our physical bodies and minds to help bring more freedom into life.

For optimal chanting of bija mantras, find a peaceful place and sit comfortably for at least 15 minutes. Chant the mantras individually or collectively as well as focus on any areas associated with each syllable/chakra in your body that they correspond with.

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