February 7, 2024

Chuck Drummond - A Pioneer Woman's Obituary

Chuck Drummond was an American rancher known for being multi-talented. He dabbled in many fields and became an immensely successful entrepreneur, while always remaining hard working at his ranch duties. Married to Nan, they shared two children together who shared an extremely special bond. Additionally, Chuck was deeply religious and would always pray for the wellbeing of his loved ones.

Ree Drummond loved him dearly and wrote an emotional obituary on her blog in his honor, remembering one of the most amazing men she had ever known.

Ree had an emotional time writing the obituary. She found it hard to accept that Ladd had never come back; both Ree and Ladd will miss him terribly, and that he truly was unique. Ree remembered when they got married he chose cowboy boots over traditional black dress shoes for every event and made sure that he always wore them around town.

He was an authentic cowboy at heart and his love for his family was undying. He enjoyed spending time with his daughters, sons, and grandchildren; hunting and fishing were among his many passionate hobbies as well as working on the ranch. Additionally he was an ardent supporter of Arizona State and would regularly be found cheering them on from the sidelines!

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