January 22, 2024

George Foreman Wives

george foreman wives

George Foreman has won over hearts and minds around the globe with his exceptional sporting prowess and charismatic persona. However, many don't realize he has had quite a complicated marital history - having been married five times throughout his lifetime; each marriage left an indelible mark on him personally and professionally.

George Foreman began his marriage journey with Adrienne Calhoun in 1971, which lasted three years before they parted ways. Two years later he married former beauty queen Cynthia Lewis; this union would last two more before filing for divorce in 1979. Foreman went on to marry Sharon Godson and Andrea Skeete respectively - all lasting three years each before filing for divorce proceedings were taken out against them in 1979.

At first sight, Mary Joan Martelly seemed an unlikely partner for Foreman when they met at a charity event in 1984. Yet this Saint Lucian-born woman proved invaluable throughout his life and career - always there to provide support and teach their children hard work and persistence.

Mary Joan Foreman has been Foreman's rock throughout his life and inspiration to follow his dreams and achieve them. Here is an insight into this amazing woman's remarkable story as we see how her influence on him has contributed to shaping his legacy as a husband, father and business entrepreneur.

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