January 22, 2024

Home Goods Closing Stores in Capital Region

home goods closing

As more consumers choose online shopping due to its convenience of comparison shopping and doorstep delivery, physical retailers are experiencing reduced foot traffic. Some may point out the lack of competitive pricing available; other consumers simply lack time for in-store browsing when there is so much they could be filling their carts online instead.

Tuesday Morning is one home goods retailer who has struggled to adapt, filing for bankruptcy in February and shutting down 263 stores nationwide (including locations in the Capital Region). They are offering major sales at many of their remaining locations in order to clear out inventory before ceasing operations completely.

TJX Companies owns TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Sierra Trading Post. In an email to customers, the company announced that their e-commerce site will close after October 21.

HomeGoods first unveiled its online store in September 2021 and offered discounted furniture, bedding and home decor items at competitive prices. HomeGoods quickly gained popularity among bargain hunters; some shoppers described the experience as similar to hunting for hidden treasure at a flea market.

HomeGoods will likely not experience much disruption from their online platform going offline, as most stores adhere to a regular operating schedule. To get more specific details on one location's operating hours, visit their store locator page on their company website - you'll see a map with red pins indicating all locations nearby!

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