July 11, 2023

How To Make Gunpowder In Little Alchemy: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Make Gunpowder In Little Alchemy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Fire + Earth = Lava

In the game Little Alchemy, the first step to making gunpowder is to create lava. Combine the elements of fire and earth to produce this volcanic substance.

Step 2: Air + Water = Rain

The next step involves combining air and water to create rain. This is an essential ingredient for making gunpowder.

Step 3: Lava + Rain = Obsidian

Mix lava with rain to obtain obsidian. This hardened lava is crucial in the gunpowder-making process.

Step 4: Air + Lava = Stone

Combine air and lava to create stone. This is another vital component in the gunpowder recipe.

Step 5: Stone + Obsidian = Flint

Mix stone with obsidian to produce flint, which is an integral part of gunpowder.

Step 6: Flint + Stone = Fire

Combine flint with stone to ignite a fire. Fire is crucial in the final stage of gunpowder creation.

Step 7: Fire + Flint = Gunpowder

Finally, mix fire with flint to create gunpowder. Congratulations! You have now successfully made gunpowder in Little Alchemy.


1. Can gunpowder be used for anything else in Little Alchemy?

No, gunpowder has only one purpose in Little Alchemy – to create explosive reactions.

2. Are there any other combinations to make gunpowder?

No, the process outlined above is the only way to create gunpowder in Little Alchemy.

3. What can I do with gunpowder after making it?

Once you have gunpowder, you can combine it with various other elements to create new items such as firecrackers, dynamite, and even more powerful explosives.

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