July 14, 2023

Lisa Gerritsen: From Child Star to Real Estate Agent

Lisa Gerritsen: From Child Star to Real Estate Agent

Child stars often face unique challenges when transitioning into adulthood and choosing a new career path. Lisa Gerritsen, best known for her role as Bess Lindstrom on the hit TV show "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," successfully made the transition from child star to real estate agent. This article explores her inspiring journey and how she found success in the real estate industry.

Early Success as a Child Star

Lisa Gerritsen began her acting career at a young age. Born on December 21, 1957, in Los Angeles, California, she made her first appearance on television at the age of five in the popular series "My Three Sons." Her breakthrough role came when she was cast as Bess Lindstrom, the adorable and mischievous neighbor of Mary Richards, on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

Gerritsen gained nationwide recognition for her role in the critically acclaimed show, which ran from 1970 to 1977. The series revolved around Mary Tyler Moore's character working as a news producer in a Minneapolis TV station. Gerritsen's natural talent and undeniable charisma made her a fan favorite, and she quickly became one of the most beloved child actors of her time.

Navigating the Transition

As she reached her late teens, Lisa Gerritsen faced the challenging task of transitioning from a successful child star to a young adult pursuing a new career. Like many former child actors, she experienced the pressure to prove herself outside the entertainment industry.

Gerritsen took a break from acting and decided to explore other interests. She enrolled in college and obtained a degree in Mathematics, broadening her skill set in a different field. The break from the spotlight allowed her to gain new perspective and discover a passion for something beyond performing.

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The Path to Real Estate

After completing her education, Lisa Gerritsen sought a career that would leverage her people skills and offer a chance to thrive in a dynamic environment. Real estate emerged as a natural fit. She obtained her real estate license and began working with a prestigious brokerage firm in Los Angeles.

Gerritsen's previous experience in the entertainment industry granted her an advantage in the real estate business. Her ability to connect with people, negotiate effectively, and navigate through challenges gave her a competitive edge. Drawing upon her network, she quickly established herself as a successful real estate agent.

Thriving in the Real Estate Industry

Today, Lisa Gerritsen has flourished as a seasoned real estate agent, drawing on her perseverance and ability to adapt to new environments. Her unparalleled dedication and commitment to excellence have earned her a stellar reputation within the industry.

Gerritsen understands the importance of staying up to date with market trends and continually expanding her knowledge. She invests time and effort into understanding her clients' needs and aims to exceed their expectations during each transaction. Her unwavering professionalism and integrity have led to numerous satisfied clients and a strong referral network.


Q: What other TV shows did Lisa Gerritsen appear in?

A: In addition to "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," Gerritsen made numerous guest appearances on popular TV shows of the time, including "Mannix," "The Streets of San Francisco," and "Emergency!" among others.

Q: Does Lisa Gerritsen still act?

A: While Gerritsen took a step back from acting to pursue a career in real estate, she has occasionally made guest appearances in recent years, showing her versatility and love for the craft.

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Q: What advice does Lisa Gerritsen offer to aspiring child stars?

A: Gerritsen advises young actors to focus on their education and pursue other interests outside of the entertainment industry. She emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation and being prepared for the possibilities that lie ahead.

Q: How can someone contact Lisa Gerritsen for real estate assistance?

A: Lisa Gerritsen can be reached through her official website, where you can find her contact information and learn more about her extensive real estate experience.

Despite the inherent challenges of transitioning from a child star to a different career path, Lisa Gerritsen has proven that determination, a strong work ethic, and the willingness to adapt can lead to success. Her inspiring journey from the small screen to the real estate industry serves as a testament to her resilience and ability to thrive in any chosen field.

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