January 22, 2024

Olivia Rodrigo Parents

Olivia Rodrigo Parents

Olivia Rodrigo has quickly made her mark as an actress and singer thanks to her dedication and unfaltering support from both family members and fans. Olivia often mentions their encouragement of her career decision during interviews - never doubting their ability.

Jennifer, her mother, was also a huge influence, as she would take her for piano lessons when she was young. Although the singer would cry before each lesson, now she loves it so much that it has become an expression of passion for her. Additionally, the singer has also developed a knack for writing; most recently she uploaded a YouTube song that discussed family values and supporting one another.

Chris Rodrigo has always been there for her and is a strong source of encouragement and support since she was young. A family and marriage therapist living in America with Filipino roots, Chris often reminds his daughter about how his paternal great-grandfather took a boat journey across the Atlantic which encouraged her to always remain brave while honoring her heritage. Rodrigo shares photos on social media showing how close his family is, especially on special occasions when photos from this special bonding time appear online.

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