March 29, 2024

Tom Hardy's Bane Workout

tom hardy bane workout

As is evident from his performance as Bane in Gotham City, Tom Hardy underwent rigorous muscle-building efforts and diet plans that resulted in him adding over 30 pounds of raw muscle mass to his frame.

He trained for four sessions per week using barbells, dumbbells and his body weight as part of an intense hypertrophy training programme to maximize growth of chest, arm and leg muscles - this type of hypertrophy training being particularly effective at building big muscles compared to conventional strength training methods.

Each training session had a specific focus. On Mondays he would work his legs and chest with exercises such as Floor Crunch, Incline Barbell Bench Press, Partial Deadlift and others; Tuesdays would involve arms and back work such as Wide Grip Upright Row, T Bar, Barbell Rowing Rows Side to Side Pull Ups Side to Side Pull Ups while rest and recovery training such as static stretching or foam roller work would occur on Wednesdays.

As part of his training regime, he consumed a nutritional and healthy diet consisting of 5-6 meals each day, including lean proteins from chicken, fish and vegetables, complex carbohydrates with low GI index ratings (such as nuts and seeds) as well as nuts. Furthermore, he took various supplements including protein powder, creatine monohydrate powder whey protein concentrate and fish oil capsules.

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