January 22, 2024

Andros Georgiou

Andros Georgiou is an esteemed British music producer, having collaborated with various artists and labels over his long career. Additionally, his dedication to philanthropy is notable, making significant donations towards various causes in his lifetime. With such impressive sources of wealth as music industry success and diverse sources of wealth accumulated through diversification; Andros has an impressive net worth.

Andros' striking appearance and captivating presence have cemented his place as one of the entertainment world's powerhouses. Boasting striking piercing white eyes and brown locks styled into modern and fashionable waves, Andros maintains a healthy lifestyle and exudes charisma with every move he makes.

As one of the first people to arrive at George Michael's house following his death, Andros spoke openly about the star and his struggles with fame and alcoholism. He was particularly critical of some of Michael's former partners such as Fadi Fawaz and Anselmo Feleppa for exploiting him and providing false reports to the public about his condition.

Andros claimed that George died due to hard drugs such as crack cocaine that were present in his system at the time of his death. Additionally, Andros blamed Michael's former flame, Fadi Fawaz for prompting Michael's suicide attempt.

Andros has two children with his wife Jacqueline: James Kennedy is his oldest, while Harry and Dylan are younger boys. Known for his outspoken personality on Vanderpump Rules, Andros was once criticized by fans for encouraging his son James Kennedy to drink alcohol but has since changed his ways and is working toward being a more responsible parent.

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