January 22, 2024

Living a Natural Lifestyle

Natural living encompasses many areas, spanning nutrition & health, alternative medicine, organic farming and eco-consciousness. What constitutes "natural" is subjective to each individual depending on personal circumstances, income and community circumstances - however most individuals who opt for living a more eco-conscious life strive towards certain principles they hope to adhere to in their lifestyle choices.

Prioritizing mental and emotional well-being is at the core of leading an organic lifestyle. This can be done through practicing self-care such as meditation and yoga. Also important is taking time to connect with nature by engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, running and biking - great ways to stay active!

Living an organic lifestyle means selecting non-toxic food, home and beauty products. Selecting items made from sustainable materials like bamboo, wood and wool while eliminating plastics are great ways to begin this journey towards holistic living.

Another fantastic way to integrate natural living into your lifestyle is switching over from disposable products to reusable alternatives, whether that means switching your razor from disposable to safety, your tampons and pads to menstrual underwear, cotton rounds with washable covers or cotton rounds that don't shed into landfill. Reducing waste while making sure any chemicals you encounter are safe for both environment and body is key!

One of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle is supporting ethical and fair trade practices, such as buying only from local farms or avoiding products made in sweatshops.

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