February 4, 2024

Peeing After Sex Can Prevent UTIs

Most women will experience at least one urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point during their lives, usually as the result of bacteria entering parts of their urinary system through bladder, urethra or kidneys. Common symptoms of UTIs include fever, an intense burning sensation when you urinate and constant urges to go. Many women also report feeling pressure or pain in their bladder or genital area. Peeing after sexual encounter can help protect against UTIs!

Women have an urethra closer to their vagina and anus than male urethras, making it easier for bacteria to gain entry. Furthermore, female urethras tend to be shorter, so bacteria reach your bladder faster - leading to infections in your urinary system that cause painful symptoms as well as possible blockages.

Women may experience frequent urination for a number of reasons other than bacteria, including urinary tract infections, high caffeine consumption or age. Pregnancy or childbirth may contribute to bladder control issues including urinary incontinence; postmenopausal hormonal fluctuations could also result in loss of bladder control.

An inventor of a stand-to-pee device, Yvonne Taylor, states that she came up with the concept after witnessing long queues at public restrooms and thinking: "Wouldn't it be great if I could just sit on a stool and wee?" Her device shewee is a funnel that goes under the vulva with an outlet tube to channel urine away from the body - something which has helped save many embarrassing situations for her personally. Shewee was originally purchased to treat interstitial cystitis; now shewee has proven itself many times over time as shewee is owned by many women alike! Yvonne Taylor says that her invention has saved many embarrassing situations where shewee has come in handy many times!

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