February 4, 2024

What Is Poop Sex?

Poop has always fascinated humanity. Evidence of its fascination can be seen in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Kama Sutra. Scat play generally considered safe when proper protective gear (latex gloves, dental dams and washing with soap before and after sex play) are utilized; however direct contact with feces poses greater risk due to bacteria, viruses and parasitic worms present.

Coprophilia refers to sexual interest in human waste, in particular feces. This can either be incestuous or non-incestuous and involves using either oral, anal, or vaginal sex; commonly associated with bondage/dominance/dominance, sadism and masochism relationships and encounters; typically the dominant partner (called the "top") defecates on or asks their submissive partner ("bottom") to consume their own feces as a show of dominance/dominance/power display as part of this scenario.

Coprophilia takes many forms, from sniffing or looking at one's own defecations after toilet use, using mirrors or video technology to watch oneself defecate, and taking pleasure in defecating to taking pleasure from defecation itself. All forms of coprophilia should be considered unsafe sexual practices that pose significant infection risks.

Anilingus, also known as anus licking, is another popular form of poop sex that involves licking an anus for pleasure. While more common among men than women, anilingus can also be performed for enjoyment by female participants. As with other forbidden activities, anilingus' allure often stimulates arousal and encourages further exploration of this fetish.

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