January 22, 2024

Hot Mustard Doritos

hot mustard doritos

Doritos fans looking for bold flavors and spicy kicks should pick up a pack of hot mustard Doritos, back in stores for a limited time. These crunchy tortilla chips provide a fiery mustard taste with just a bit of heat; joining Ketchup and Spicy Mustard as part of this limited offering through July.

Doritos Hot Mustard Variety Is A Welcome Addition | Walmart for their variety of Doritos snacks that already includes Tangy BBQ Chips and Honey Dijon varieties, the addition of this bold mustard variety is welcome in today's snack landscape as other brands don't widely distribute mustard-flavored chips; Gardetto's offers Deli Style Mustard while Herr's offers extra Bold Mustard Sandwi-Chips are among them; other than this rare offering other companies are gradually discontinuing them like Kellogg's Cheez-Its which used an unconventional combination of sweet and salty flavors; those looking to experience it can purchase one nine-ounce bag from Walmart which contains seed oils, artificial flavors and 5 Grams of Sugar per Serving.

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