January 22, 2024

The Search For Karlie Guse Continues

karlie guse

Karlie Guse, 16, vanished on October 13, 2018. Both her father, Zac Guse, and stepmother Melissa Guse have spoken publicly about the case since her disappearance, yet search efforts continue. At a press conference today, Sheriff Jim Hoyt stated they are exploring "all possible avenues" until finding out what has become of Karlie.

Karlie had told her stepmother she would attend a high school football game that night; instead, she ended up going to a party where she smoked marijuana instead, reports PEOPLE. When she returned home later that evening, both of her parents noticed she seemed disoriented, leading them to suspect the marijuana may have been spiked with something else. Melissa created a voice recording of Karlie so they could play it back when she felt better but never got the opportunity.

Karlie's disappearance has given rise to many conspiracy theories, with some suggesting she may have died or been taken hostage by authorities. Some online sleuths and public figures have taken aim at her family; two Facebook pages called Bring Karlie Home and Justice for Karlie Guse have even been set up in her memory.

Karlie's case was covered on Dr. Phil twice and her father and stepmother have discussed her disappearance on numerous podcasts including Crime Stories With Nancy Grace. Police did discover a piece of bloody underwear near where she disappeared but were unable to establish any connection between it and Karlie.

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