March 10, 2024

Ree Drummond Shares Weight Loss Tips

Ree Drummond, an esteemed food blogger and cooking show host, is famed for her irresistibly delectable recipes that have quickly become family favorites, as well as her collection of home lifestyle products. Recently she provided insight into her remarkable weight loss journey that took place over one year; during which time she shed more than 55 pounds without hiring a personal trainer, following a Keto or Paleo diet plan, or engaging in intermittent fasting techniques; instead making some minor tweaks to her daily routine that produced huge results.

Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond decided to lose weight as her daughter's May 2021 wedding approached and wanted to feel more energised and secure about herself and confident about herself.

Drummond did not follow any specific weight-loss program or "latest diet trends." Instead, she cut alcohol intake, began using a scale to weigh her meals, increased protein consumption and began daily exercises such as walking her dogs or using at-home fitness equipment such as squats and lunges to shed the extra weight.

Oklahoma ranch wife shares her lessons learned through experience, detailing 10 small habits which helped her shed over 50 pounds. These lifestyle changes include eating smaller portions, prioritizing protein, forgoing alcohol consumption and engaging in exercise routines while making informed choices when it comes to sugar intake.

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