January 22, 2024

We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Spiritual practices and philosophies assert that we are spiritual beings having human experiences. Although the spirit resides inside each living creature, we often forget our true essence in this material world. Reconnecting to ourselves and reconnecting to the Universe are keys to happiness and fulfillment - remember, energy vibrating at different frequencies makes up everything in existence; by tuning into one, you can attract what it's you desire through its Law of Attraction.

The Bible gives us much insight into the spiritual realm and its interaction with physical reality. It speaks of spirit beings such as angels that serve God in an orderly fashion while fallen angels may serve Satan (Matthew 25:41). But its exact nature remains beyond human understanding.

Understanding your life is the first step toward uncovering its mysteries, and meditation is often used as a means of doing just that. Sit quietly and observe your thoughts and emotions before asking deeper questions like, "Why am I here?" Through self-inquiry you may begin to recognize answers to life's most pressing concerns lie within. Your intuition, synchronistic events and deepest desires all reveal signs that the answers lie within.

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